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    Brutus Maxtorque - Scotty New Plug - (Downrigger Mount Compatible) Multi

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    • 1 lb. prawn or crab trap capacity.
    • 11 feet per minute.(Based on 1 trap per line. Multiple traps per line result in slower speeds).
    • Pulls 1-4 prawn or crab traps.
    • Water Resistant.
    • Mounts to Scotty Downrigger Mount.


    The Brutus Maxtorque - Scotty New Plug is a versatile and reliable tool that every angler needs. With a 1 lb. prawn or crab trap capacity and the ability to pull 1-4 traps, this downrigger mount compatible device will make your fishing experience a breeze. It boasts a remarkable speed of 11 feet per minute (based on 1 trap per line) and is water-resistant, ensuring durable performance in any weather condition. Designed to mount to Scotty Downrigger Mount, this multi-colored accessory is both practical and efficient. Upgrade your fishing gear with the Brutus Maxtorque - Scotty New Plug and enjoy a successful catch every time.

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