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    Body Champ Launch Bench Set with 2-Piece Power Rack, Home Fitness Equipment

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    Brand: Body Champ



    • ALL-IN-ONE: Body Champ's Launch Bench Set has everything you need for the ultimate at-home workout. With our bench set, you can crush strength training, cardio, and HIIT. This is the piece of at-home fitness equipment you've been looking for.
    • TOTAL PACKAGE: We didn't leave anything out that you'll need to have an incredible workout. Choose from 12 seated position settings, adjustable bar racks, plate storage, and a built-in pull-up bar.
    • MAXIMUM SAFETY : Our no-pinch design will prevent injury from hands and grips when stowing and retrieving bars from overhead. Additionally, we've provided 2 adjustable safety catches. This keeps you safe during your workout.
    • STURDY WITH ANCHOR OPTIONS: Our bench set and frame can hold up to 300 lbs. of user weight. We've provided you with 4 built-in floor anchors for additional mounting and stability.
    • MOBILE AND EASY TO STORE: For easy mobility and storage, there are 2 wheels and an easy-to-lift lever attached to the removable seat. You can rearrange, wheel around, or store the bench without breaking a sweat.

    Details: Body Champ presents the new multipurpose Launch Bench Set, which provides optimal workouts in the comfort of your own home. Ideal for home gyms, garage gym sets, and personal fitness rooms, this is an all-in-one piece of fitness equipment. Because this utility bench features an ergonomic 12-incline seat cushion, it's a highly customizable weight bench that can be used for all fitness levels and workout styles. It also allows for maximum comfort during your routine, so you can extend workouts without unnecessary pain and discomfort. Benches are incredible for at-home workouts because you can maximize the effectiveness of almost any exercise with one, whether that's a sit-up, a dumbbell curl, barbell lifting, or high-intensity interval training; the right bench can make all of the difference. Easily target arms, chest, and abs on this seated bench when you utilize our built-in pull-up bar, and add an Olympic weight set. We've even provided 2 storage posts for plates and 2 secure racks for bars. Weightlifting, b

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