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    blueseventy 2019 Women's Helix Triathlon Wetsuit - for Open Water Swimming - Ironman & USAT Approved - (WS)

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    Brand: blueseventy

    Color: Black


    • BUOYANCY + - The HELIX is built on a 5-5-4 pattern, centralizing core buoyancy to raise the position of the hips in relation to the rest of the body. The chest and torso panels utilize super buoyant 5mm Yamamoto Aerodome to keep the hips high and promote an efficient downhill swimming position.
    • VO2 CHEST PANEL - The redesigned split chest construction naturally and anatomically accentuates the lungs, producing the optimal amount of buoyancy while maximizing stretch during respiration.
    • AQUA FEEL - Ultra light catch panels made with the same hydrophobic textile fabric used in our swimskins. These minimalistic forearm panels increase awareness of arm position in the water, encouraging better technique and more power.
    • REVERSE ZIPPER - Friction free neck design with lower profile and more sighting freedom than any other suit
    • LAYERED INSULATION FOAM TECHNOLOGY (LIFT) - The new HELIX benefits from extra lift at the back legs from ultra buoyant NBR foam sandwiched between premium Yamamoto rubber and jersey liner. This panel technology allows us to strategically place high buoyancy sections at the back legs, lifting the suit up in the water.

    Details: New for 2018, the sixth incarnation of the HELIX is our finest suit ever. Built using all-new LIFT technology, this suit puts every swimmer in an efficient downhill swimming position. Tested and refined by Olympic & World Champion athletes, it features premium materials, a propriety shoulder design, and many other speed-enhancing features. A true second skin and lightning fast through T1.

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