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    Bluefin 4D Triple Motor Vibration Plate Machine | Powerful Vibration Plate Exercise Machine with Magnetic Therapy | Bluetooth Speaker | Vibration Oscillation & Micro Vibration | Silent Drive Motors

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    Brand: Bluefin Fitness

    Color: 4D Triple Motor


    • 4D MOTION: The 3 silent drive motors deliver Vibration, Oscillation and Micro Vibration, separately, together, or all three at the same time! This vibration plate gives you a workout like no other to help you tone your body at home.
    • THERAPY SENSORS: Enjoy reflexology like massage mid workout or while seated. Stimulate blood flow & soothe tired feet & legs on the vibration platform. The surface provides maximum contact to keep you stable during your vibration plate exercises.
    • LED LIGHT SYSTEM : The vibration plates ultra bright LEDs tell you how intensely you're working with Red, Orange and Green lights surrounding the plate & changing alongside your workout. Work core muscles & tone your body at an intensity to suit you.
    • MULTIPLE WORKOUT OPTIONS: 3 carefully designed program options and 7 challenging manual combinations for great variety. Just 10 minutes is sufficient for a full 4D workout, that will help you gain strength across your whole body.
    • CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY: The 4D vibration machine has Bluetooth speakers for crisp & clear sound and an easy to us wearable remote control, keep your body challenged & allow you to push your body to the next level without having to pause mid workout.
    • TONING TECHNOLOGY: Each program is designed for specific fitness goals: general fitness, fat loss, strength building, massage & circulation or bone density. The levels of vibration intensity challenge anyone from athletes to total beginners.
    • IMPROVE YOUR FITNESS: This vibration plate machine gives you the power & freedom to try alternative exercise methods to improve your core strength. The exercise plate has optimally places beads to stimulate the soles of your feet for added massage.
    • BUILD YOUR MUSCLE: Use the 4D Exercise plate to help you build your desired muscle shape and tone. The vibration plate has the power to give you rapid results without the intensity of a heavy workout, all from the comfort of your own home.
    • BOOST YOUR FITNESS MOTIVATION: Increase your flexibility, muscle strength and circulation whilst reducing your pain and stiffness. Following the included resistance guide and workout poster all you need to add is your motivation to see the results.
    • ONE YEAR WARRANTY: Purchase in confidence, all Bluefin equipment comes with a 1 year warranty. Our reliable customer service team is always on hand to help with any order issues and support you on your fitness journey.

    Details: Powerful 4D motion + soothing magnetic therapy in one high quality, user friendly package for the ultimate home gym experience at any ability level. The most advanced plate technology on the market - 3 separate silent drive motors produce more intensity and greater range of motion than any other plate to keep your body guessing. Full body workouts in just 10 mins from the most cutting edge plate available. Benefit from powerful vibration, oscillation and micro vibrations up to 50 Hz! Curved face machine plate provides max contact so your body absorbs maximum vibration benefits. Comfortable surface gives soft grip & traction for bare feet or shoes. Ideal for seated use as well if you'd like a massage or prone workout option. All ability levels will enjoy the wider stance this plate affords making balance and stability safer and easier than ever before. Never have a boring workout! All exercise settings designed by vibration fitness experts to challenge your body and provide short workouts optimized for full body challenge. 3 manual settings and 7 programmed options to choose from in addition to control over speed and intensity. Unrivalled customization for near limitless exercise options. Loads of accessories to help you reach your full body fitness and well being goals. Play your favorite music from high quality bluetooth speakers while you enjoy exercise and massage from any room in your home. Use the sturdy foam mat to absorb sound and pad flooring, perfect for people who live in apartments. Bluefin's workout poster can be used in conjunction with included exercise cables so that no body part is included in your workout. Our diet and nutrition guide is a great accompaniment to your healthy lifestyle, refer to it for tasty recipes and tips on how to make the most of vibration training. Add 4D to your cart today & enjoy a lifetime of home fitness & relaxation!

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