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    Blackbrush Bike Airtag Bike Holder Mount Black

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    • HIDDEN DESIGN: This AirTag or Gen 1 Tile holder perfectly conceals your tracking device so that you can always know where your bicycle is. Hidden so that no one but you will know what it is
    • WATER RESISTANT: designed to keep your tracker safe even in the dirtiest conditions or when cleaning your bike off.
    • SIMPLE TO INSTALL: easily replace your existing headset top cap, compatible with 1-1/8 inch headset. screw included
    • SNUG FIT: Thanks to a thoughtful design, the Tracker Cap has a snug fit that doesn't rattle or shake and the top cap stays in place firmly.
    • TESTED QUALITY: The Tracker Cap is made from durable plastics and metal and has been tested on all sorts of bikes and terrain. The Tracker Cap holds up in the toughest off road and bumpy conditions


    The BLACKBRUSH Airtag Bike Holder Mount is the perfect accessory for bike owners who want to keep their bicycles safe and secure. This mount is specifically designed to hold an Apple Airtag or Gen 1 Tile tracker, allowing you to easily track the location of your bike at all times. With its hidden design, the mount conceals the tracking device, ensuring that only you know its true purpose. Additionally, the mount is water resistant, providing protection even in the dirtiest conditions or when cleaning your bike. Installation is a breeze, as the mount easily replaces your existing headset top cap, and it is compatible with 1-1/8 inch headsets. Thanks to its snug fit, the mount stays firmly in place without rattling or shaking. Made from durable plastics and metal, the mount has been tested on various bikes and terrain, proving its resilience in the toughest off-road and bumpy conditions. Keep your bike safe with the BLACKBRUSH Airtag Bike Holder Mount. (Please note: AirTag or Tile tracker not included).

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