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    BIC Sport E-Comp Jungle SUP Standup Paddleboard (10 Feet 6- Inch, Yellow)

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    Brand: BIC Sport

    Color: Yellow


    • Proprietary, lightweight EPS core/Epoxy thermoformed "E-Comp" construction with a durable ASA outerskin for 30% more durability than traditional boards without sacrificing stiffness or weight
    • Built in carry handle for easy transport
    • Integrated deck pad for comfort and traction
    • Lightweight, stiff, and over 30% more durable at a terrific value
    • 10'6" x 31.5" x 29# and 195L of floatation makes the E-Comp Jungle 10'6" a great choice for paddlers of all sizes, especially women and paddlers under 185#

    Details: The BIC Sport E-Comp Jungle 10'6" Standup paddle board is new for 2011. The Jungle 10'6" incorporates BIC Sport's proprietary "E-Comp" Epoxy/ASA Thermoformed construction technique, giving you the stiffness, weight, and glide characteristics of traditional Epoxy Standup construction with a 30%+ increase in ding resistance and durability due to the ASA outerskin. At 10'6" x 31.5 x 29# with 195L of floatation, the Jungle 10'6" is perfect for paddlers of all sizes, especially women and those paddlers under 185#. The traditional shape gives excellent stability for beginner paddlers, while the stiffness and light weight makes the Jungle perform great for intermediate and advanced paddlers. With an integrated carry handle and only weighing 27 pounds, the Jungle 10'6" is easy to transport. There is also an installed deck pad for comfort and traction while paddling. Additionally, the Jungle 10'6" comes with a built in leash plug. The Jungle 10'6" offers all the stiffness and weight benefits of traditional standup paddleboards with the added benefit of over 30% more durability at a very attractive and affordable price.

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