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    BELL Tote 510 Front Basket With Handle - Black

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    Tote 510 - Black


    • Large storage capacity - Folding carrying handle
    • Durable, welded metal construction - Easy on/off bike
    • One-time assembly - Weather resistant
    • Midweight: 15 lbs. weight capacity
    • Fits most bikes
    • Minimum clearance required 28cm from top of handlebar to top of fender/tire for optimal fit


    The Bell Tote 510 Front Basket With Handle in black is a must-have accessory for any cyclist. With its large storage capacity and folding carrying handle, it offers convenience and versatility. Made with durable welded metal construction, this basket is designed to last. It is also easy to install and remove from your bike, making it a practical choice. The one-time assembly ensures a hassle-free experience. Additionally, the Bell Tote 510 Front Basket is weather resistant, so you can confidently ride in any condition. With a midweight design and a weight capacity of 15 lbs., it can accommodate your essentials without being cumbersome. This basket fits most bikes and requires a minimum clearance of 28cm from the top of the handlebar to the top of the fender/tire for optimal fit. Enhance your cycling experience with the Bell Tote 510 Front Basket With Handle.

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