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    BELL Kicks 350 Universal Nylon Pedal Universal Nylon

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    Universal Nylon


    • Single pedal works with both common sizes
    • Durable Nylon resin body
    • Patent Pending


    The Bell 7025227 Kicks 350 Universal Nylon Pedal is a versatile and durable pedal that is perfect for any cyclist. With its innovative design, this single pedal works seamlessly with both common pedal sizes, eliminating the need for multiple pedals. The pedal features a strong and durable Nylon resin body, ensuring long-lasting performance. Its patent-pending design sets it apart from other pedals on the market, making it a top choice for cyclists of all levels. Upgrade your ride with the Bell 7025227 Kicks 350 Universal Nylon Pedal and experience the convenience and durability it offers.

    UPC: 035011950969
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