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    Bare Aqua-Trek 1 Men's Pro Dry Suit

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    Brand: Bare

    Color: Black


    • Bare Aqua-Trek 1 Pro Dry Suit - Base Layer - LP Hose - Backpack Bag - Owner's Manual
    • Bare Aqua-Trek 1 Pro Dry Suit with Base Layer:
    • Ready for You Next Big Adventure?
    • Get Outstanding Protection w/Aqua-Trek 1 Pro Dry & Ultrawarmth Base Layers
    • Excellent Durability Puncture and Abrasion-Resistance

    Details: Are you ready for you next big adventure? Get outstanding protection with the Aqua-Trek 1 Pro Dry and Ultrawarmth Base Layers. Excellent durability and abrasion-resistance with Cordura Nylon Oxford 4-Layer fabric and a lightweight, breathable design makes this Bare's most travel-friendly trilaminate. The Aqua-Trek 1 Pro Dry is constructed with two needle felled seams and is exclusively engineered with Cordura Nylon Oxford 4-Layer fabric for abrasion and puncture resistance, while lighter weight and breathable material offers enhanced flexibility. Aqua-Trek 1 Pro Dry is ready no matter where your adventure takes you. Bare designed the Aqua-Trek 1 Pro Dry for travel-minded and budget-friendly divers. The Cordura Nylon Oxford 4-Layer material is lightweight, and the suit's fabric is among Bare's most supple and flexible so when you need to save space in your bag, you can lay it flat or roll it up. It's the perfect dry suit for saving money and traveling more! Ultrawarmth Base Layers are Bare's warmest ever base layers, ensuring you stay warm during every dive! Scientifically validated Ultrawarmth Infrared Technology is embedded in the fabric of the material, providing you with thermal energy, increased endurance and enhanced recovery. Advanced stretch-breathable fabric, form fitting design, 3D patterning, men's and women's top and pant included. 2mm nylon/smooth-skin Smart Collar" with vented neck drain provides an improved seal with the Bare dry hood (see SKU'

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