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    Bare 8/7mm Velocity Sem-Dry Men's Hooded Suit - Large Short

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    Brand: Bare


    • Bare 8/7mm Ultra Velocity Semi-Dry Men's Hooded Suit
    • Bare 8/7mm Ultra Velocity Semi-Dry Men's Hooded Suit:
    • Progressive Full-Stretch Technology
    • Full-Stretch Nylon-2 Neoprene
    • Varying-Degrees of Full-Stretch Panels into Specific Performance Zones

    Details: Don't want to invest in a dry-suit but want to keep warmer on your dives this Velocity Semi-Dry Hooded Suit can be right for you. Suit drastically reduces the water exchange that occurs with a standard wet suit and keeps you warmer for longer periods of time. This means increased comfort, decreased air consumption and longer bottom times. Just look at this suits features! The Velocity Ultra is a performance driven wetsuit that features the Progressive Full-Stretch (PFS) construction of the popular Velocity, with the advancement of UltraWarmth Celliant Infrared Technology. Bare's greatest innovations in design and development together for longer, more comfortable dives. Proprietary combination of three different full-stretch material types PFS, makes this one of the highest performing mid-priced suits available. We start with Bare-Fit, the foundation of every Bare suit, which uses ergonomic design and intricate shaping patterns with articulated arms and legs. Then we highlight areas of the suit where flexibility and abrasion resistance are essential and incorporate special full-stretch fabrics to maximize performance in these key areas. PFS gives the Velocity Ultra Series a fit and feel unlike any other. What makes the Velocity Ultra Series truly special, is that it's the only mid-priced dive suit to feature the thermal-activated performance of Celliant Infrared Technology. Using minerals woven into the fabric of the suit, Celliant turns wasted body heat in

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