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    Bare 5mm Reactive Men's Fullsuit (Blue, Large)

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    Brand: Bare

    Color: Blue


    • Construction: Elastek Full-Stretch Nylon-2 Neoprene Celliant Liner Infrared Technology Seams Glued & Taped
    • Celliant Fabric Liner: Highest Degree of Warmth Enhanced with 13 Thermo-Reactive Minerals Woven into Fabric React to Body Heat Converting it to Infrared Energy Reflects it Back to Body, Increasing Circulation and Body Warmth
    • Velcro Adjustment Collar: Booklet-Style Cover, Protect Suit from Snags & Pilling
    • Seamless Underarms for Superior Comfort and Mobility

    Details: "The world's warmest wetsuit made with Celliant Infrared. Introducing a major innovation in wetsuit comfort; Reactive, the first wetsuit in dive to use Celliant Infrared fabric, a responsive textile, that continuously warms the diver using their own body"

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