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    BAIZIFU DIY Electric Bike Conversion Kit 250W Brushless Motor and Controller Waterproof Ebike Booster Kit Friction Drive Bicycle Kit

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    • Suitable battery type and parameters: 36V-48V, 8-25 Ah, travel about 20-50km
    • The electric wheel is only applicable to conventional bicycles, not for tricycles, tractors, etc
    • Waterproof Ebike Conversion Kit
    • 4.0 tires, tubeless tires, and solid tires are not supported
    • Can not be installed under general 16 inches,16-26 inch bicycles are suitable for installation
    • Note: the bicycle tire is seriously aged and needs to be replaced before installation, otherwise it is easy to wear the tire
    • As shown in Figure 2, confirm that your car can be installed and then purchased! thank you!
    • Note:If the Deep tread pattern of bicycle tire, it is easy to skid when it rains
    • As shown in Figure 2, confirm that your car can be installed and then purchased! thank you!
    • Easy installation and removal, strong concealment


    Upgrade your bicycle into an efficient and eco-friendly electric bike with the BAIZIFU DIY Electric Bike Conversion Kit. This kit includes a 250W brushless motor and controller, providing you with a boost to your cycling experience. With a waterproof design, this kit is built to withstand various weather conditions. It is suitable for installation on bicycles ranging from 16 to 26 inches and requires a battery with parameters of 36V-48V and 8-25 Ah. Please note that this kit is not compatible with tricycles or tractors. Installation and removal are easy, ensuring convenience and a seamless transition from a regular bicycle to an electric one. Transform your daily commute or leisurely rides with this efficient and versatile electric bike conversion kit.

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