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    Autopilot S7K Standing Putter Black - Perfect Alignment for Men and Women - Tournament Legal - Eliminate 3-Putts

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    • NEVER MISS ANOTHER EASY PUTT; Stop missing putts from 10 feet and in; Drain more putts for birdie and par; Lag it close from long distance and hole pressure putts like a seasoned pro
    • TRUST YOUR LINE EVERY TIME; No guesswork lining up your shots; Check your aim from behind the ball and down the line and watch your ball roll on line every time; The S7K fixes your ai
    • NO PRACTICE, INSTANT HELP; The S7K putter is so easy to use - just line it up, step back, adjust the aim and putt; Save 5 strokes or more the very first time you use it; The S7K eliminates 3-putts and helps you shoot lower scores fast
    • SUPERIOR WEIGHT AND FEEL; The S7K’s lightweight shaft and solid head give it extra stability and smooth balance; The S7K makes it so easy to roll it pure to the cup; Golfers love its accuracy and feel
    • LEGAL FOR TOURNAMENT PLAY & 1-YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY; High-quality construction backed by unbeatable one-year manufacturer warranty against defects

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