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    Alomejor Brushless Motor Controller 48V 60V 64V 1000W 1500W E Bike Speed Motor Controller for Electric Bicycle - No Color

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    • ?COMFORTABLE RIDING?The electric bicycle motor controller drive motor start more smoothly, more comfortable riding. Suitable for 2 wheeled electric vehicles with a maximum power of less than 1,000W.
    • ?SMALL OPERATION SOUND?The motor controller climbing power is stronger, the motor operation sound is small, eliminate tire noise.
    • ?SINE WAVE NO HALL?The high speeds brushless motor controllers can drive sine wave motor, square wave motor, no hall motor.
    • ?SELF LEARNING RECOGNITION?The electric bike speed controller do not need to match the motor phase, can be intelligent self learning recognition.
    • ?FUNCTIONS?Power supply, power supply li ion, electric door lock, motor phase line, hole line, speed up the line, dial the three speed lines, low level brake lines, high brake line, general instrument line, anti theft alarm the power cord, anti theft alarm signal lines, lines to reverse, intelligent recognition from learning.


    The Brushless Motor Controller 48V 60V 64V 1000W 1500W E Bike Speed Motor Controller for Electric Bicycle by Alomejor offers a comfortable riding experience with its smooth start and strong climbing power. With a maximum power of less than 1,000W, this controller is suitable for 2-wheeled electric vehicles. The motor operation sound is kept to a minimum, eliminating tire noise. It is capable of driving sine wave motors, square wave motors, and no hall motors. This controller also boasts self-learning recognition, eliminating the need for motor phase matching. With a variety of functions including power supply, power supply li-ion, electric door lock, speed control, and anti-theft alarm, this motor controller ensures a reliable and efficient ride.

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