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    2XU Women's Race Wetsuit, X-Large, Black/Barberry

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    Brand: 2XU

    Color: Black/Barberry


    • The race wetsuit has a 39 cell lower torso and leg panels for maximum buoyancy, a floating zip panel to provide extra dps (distance per stroke) with a zipper that has its own panel so it does not inhibit the flexibility in any way
    • Built with nano scs (Super composite skin) coating provides a thin layer of Air bubbles between coating and neoprene that adds 4% buoyancy with hydrodynamic silicone coating to enhance speed through the water, durability and flexibility
    • A concave water entrapment zone creates more surface area on the forearm, giving more speed in the water. Velocity strakes provide stability for a neutral flow through the water with a more streamlined position and less side to side movement
    • Designed with a 520% stretch lining for enhanced lateral flexibility, a transition panel with seam overlap Technology for flexibility and a roll bar that wraps around the hips to improved core buoyancy + body position

    Details: The 2XU race wetsuit is built with Yamamoto's latest neoprene technology and SCS hydrodynamic silicone coating for maximum performance in the water. Featuring new embossed concave water entrapment zones on the forearm and roll bar for added core support, this wetsuit offers unmatched buoyancy and floating zip panels. Additional underarm and shoulder paneling maximize flexibility for a wetsuit that delivers on performance with every stroke. Complete with 2 year warranty.

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