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    Our Story

    Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice that originated in ancient India. It involves various physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation practices. Yoga can offer a range of potential benefits such as increased flexibility, breathing, mindfulness, and improved mental health.

    Our goal at Peach Frog is to provide an online store option for people that may not have a physical store nearby. We believe in the benefits and virtues of yoga and believe that everyone should have an opportunity to improve their quality of life. Peach Frog is an opportunity to reach a wide audience across the globe and provide a unique shopping experience for top yoga brands.

    Peach Frog includes a wide range of products for the yoga enthusiast. These include yoga mats, props, clothing, meditation cushions, books and more.

    Yoga Peach Frog Our Story

    Most beginners know that the yoga mat is an essential item for any yogi. Since they are available in many different materials, sizes, thicknesses and colors, we offer advice on what type of mat might be best for your particular situation. Look for eco friendly cork and rubber mats if you want high quality and don't mind spending a bit more. Cheaper synthetic mats will still work perfectly fine for the budget conscious yogi.

    Yoga clothing must be comfortable. Shop for pants, leggings, and tops in a variety of materials and styles. Nothing beats being comfortable during exercise to keep you motivated. 

    If you want to really dive into the history and various techniques of yoga, look for books on philosophy, meditation, and nutrition.